Collect data & digitize skills to improve operational efficiency.

The most powerful platform built to understand manufacturing operations. Support daily actions and processes to avoid deviations and safeguard the skills acquired.

  • Hit 100% process compliance
  • Increase product quality
  • +20% human time available for higher-value activities
  • Raise production capacities
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How we can help you?

Our solution offers automated and non-intrusive data collection, giving you accurate insights and instant visibility into your production operations.

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Reduce loss & manual errors

Support your operators' daily tasks and reduce mental load

Gain production capacities

Plant times and operations are used optimally

Avoid non-conformities

Detect and correct process drift in real time

Improve safety

Remove all dangerous areas and situations

Enhance product quality

Each of your products meets your requirements

Create assets

Simplify acquisition and transmission of skills

Discover our Platform

Our vision data platform

Lineware aims to support operators in their daily tasks, and provide decision-making information to people who need them.

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Features for operators

- Real-time alerts
- Guidance in operations
- Process automation

Features for all others

- Actionable insights
- Pattern recognition
- Assets catalog

An AI that respects your IP and the privacy of people.

Our architecture ensures security while obtaining information without compromising intellectual property or invading privacy.

No recording

No videos are recorded or streamed on the platform. Our algorithms operate in real-time to extract only raw data.

Edge processing

By processing locally, we eliminate the risk of storing or visualizing video and restrict the type of data transferred.

No identification

Our AI engine is not trained for identification, thereby preserving the privacy of your collaborators and anyone passing through.

A solution made for your applications


Monitor and record assembly steps to ensure compliance with specifications and detect potential errors. Analyze assembly quality in real time to identify problems immediately and avoid costly rework. Recognize parts to ensure correct placement and verify compatibility with the assembly process.


Analyze product movements along the production line to identify bottlenecks and optimize workflows. Monitor equipment performance and detect signs of failure. Track inventory of finished goods and materials in real time for a better allocation.


Record maintenance interventions in real time to ensure their compliance with procedures and their effectiveness. Analyze historical data from maintenance operations to identify trends and optimize maintenance programs. Recognize specific machine parts and components to facilitate condition tracking and spare parts management.


Analyze activities in high-risk work areas or restricted access areas in real time. Identify unauthorized intrusions or unusual behavior by workers or visitors, triggering immediate alerts.Visually check whether workers are wearing personal protective equipment correctly.Record safety incidents or workplace accidents for later analysis and identification of necessary corrective actions


Analyze goods loading and unloading operations to optimize workflows, minimize waiting times and reduce the risk of product damage.Detect picking, packing or loading errors by comparing captured data with order information to ensure accurate shipments and reduce returns.

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