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Assets Creation

Use Lineware data to digitize years of acquired industry knowledge. Transmit this knowledge more easily and accelerate the learning curve for new collaborators.

Production Optimization

Utilize Lineware data to optimize your production processes, prevent quality errors, ease the burden on your operators, and reduce risks

Step 1: Collecting data

Operations are yours. You know your process like no-one else. By using our platform, you will be guided for positioning cameras at the best point. Our expertise and knowledge for industrial process make it simple & reliable. 

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Step 2: Computer training

Once installed, our virtual agent will start to learn from your field. We start making value from day 1 and continually learn from your best operational workers.

Step 3: Benefits from data

Job is done, let the data speak. We deliver the right data, in the right way, to the right people. Benefits first. 

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Connectable to your daily tools

Enjoy seamless connectivity for easy integration into your existing IT environment.Unleash the full potential of our vision platform and achieve your production goals with maximum efficiency.

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Making privacy first

Because using Vision and Cameras can bring a lot of questions, we ensure that our software and all the value chain delivered fully support the GDPR framework and others. We want your data safe and are making our best to ensure this. 

Desktop and Mobile illustration

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