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With Lineware© computer vision algorithms, factories can achieve higher levels of automation, reducing human error and optimising resource allocation, leading to increased productivity and cost savings. Make your workstation more engaging for workers, give them more time for higher value-added tasks and reduce risks. Made by the manufacturer for the manufacturer.

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What the Lineware platform brings you.

Lineware offers automated and non-intrusive data collection, enabling seamless capture of relevant information without disrupting production.

Affordable digitalization

With our simplified implementation approach, gain quick access to previously invisible information. Obtain insights within a few days.

Human empowerment

Help your operators to improve their daily basis. Reduce learning curve and mental load. Skip monotonous tasks and hazardous situations.

Savings in operation

Facilitates automated decision making and order transmission, streamlining operations and improving coordination for enhanced productivity.

Ai tool for industrial manufacturer


Perception's Lineware© analysis software turns collected data into quantifiable, actionable insights. Visualize, analyze, and share your data in real time with nothing but a web browser.

  • Real time events logs
  • Alerts trigger
  • Pattern definition
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OEM manufacturer - AI tool

Equipment manufacturers, onboard AI capacity right now.

We allow you to integrate AI and vision capacity to each of your machines coming out your shop floor. Technology is moving fast. Begin today to be on-time for the next decades.

Ethical AI

Our innovative hardware architecture provides security while gaining insight without compromising IP or privacy invasion.

No recording

No video are recorded or streamed to the platform. Our algorithms run in real time to extract only raw data.

Edge processing

By processing locally, we eliminate the risk of storing or viewing video and limit the type of data transferred.

Human respect

Our AI engine is not trained to perform identification, thus preserving the privacy of your employees and anyone passing through.

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